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Student Entrepreneurs Forum is a hub of kingdom entrepreneurs starting from the Universities to influence, contribute and control the economy of Nations through the successful establishment of ideas, ventures, businesses and organizations that provide products, services and means that support the advancement of humanity and our world at large.

We are raising a mighty enterprising generation of business men and women having a voice influence for Jesus Christ through “ventures, ideas and business empires” across various sectors of industry and the world’s economy through our vibrant and robust venture support ecosystem starting from the campuses, you learn the principles of business success in Christ with access to practical and technical knowledge in various business fields, Spiritual Principles as well as Funding for your Venture.

With S.E.F, we are building the largest network of intellectual data in Africa for mentorship and capacity development.

  • David Travis Uche


Founder – S.E.F Network

Inside SEF


Knowledge is the foundation. Go for Knowledge! Access our vast e-learning modules on entrepreneurship & your field of business here on SEF. Take up courses and receive certificates of completion from SEF. See Courses

Cell Meetings/Conferences

Fellowship with a family of like minds, learn, network, discover, nurture your talents and grow together. Attend conferences as a member of SEF and be rightly positioned for your great future. See Events Calendar

Idea Development

Building the right professional team around your idea is a great start to making it a reality. As a member of SEF, you gain access to professional advice and counsel from existing renowned CEOs in further developing your idea

Apps & Resources

As part of our entrepreneurship support ecosystem to ensure your success, gain access to applications and resources that will build you up daily e.g The Pastor Chris Digital Library, Kingschat, CEFLIX, Rhapsody App & much more

SEF Communities

Connect with the SEF family in your University campus, engage with active online groups/clubs, participate in SEF projects and campaigns in your school, community and nation. See Communities


Through the forums and help center, you can create topics, ask questions to a global audience of student entrepreneurs around the world, get help, support and the right positioning you need for your brand and ideas


As a member of the Student Entrepreneurs Fellowship, you are better positioned to gain access to seed capital to kick start your business right on campus and be much more closer to realizing your dreams and business goals

Product Launch

Belonging to a loving family of entrepreneurs and industry giants who want to see you succeed, the SEF family on your campus is ever willing to give you all the human resource you need in launching your product/venture

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